Her Name is ‘Sparkles’ Ring Blue Diamonds


Balancing elegant design with modern geometry, Her name is ‘Sparkles’ Ring from our Platonic Solids collection is set with round cut diamonds or sapphires on three facets of its octagonal silhouette, providing a beautiful and strong sparkle.


Following on from our Erté collection, Platonic Solids stems from the idea to highlight the inherent beauty in geometry. I’m particularly drawn to the octagon as it is two shapes coming together as one: the circle and the square. Plus, eight has been considered an auspicious number since the ancient times, especially in many Asian cultures. The geometrical design codes of the collection are highlighted with sparkling gems in striking colors and contrasting cuts in angular and rounded forms, giving a dynamic and playful character to the designs. 


  • Composition: 14K yellow gold with blue diamonds
  • Made to order
  • Stone Size: 1.60 mm
  • Total Carat Weight: 0.210 ct

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